Vintage Tea Set Cupcake Topper


I love this idea of creating a little mini tea set on top of a cupcake. I was quite pleased with the result although it did take some patience and I wouldn't recommend making too many as it would be very time consuming! Maybe a birthday tea party or a one off as a little gift would be more sensible.
It was surprisingly easy to make with just a few cake decorating tools and some creative flair. Here's how I did it:
1. Make a batch of cupcakes (no more than 12)
2. Roll a ball of white fondant icing and using a rolled up piece of paper or tube gently make an indentation in the top of the ball to give the appearance of the teapot lid.
3. Next, roll another small ball of icing for the top of the lid.
4. Create the spout and handle by rolling out a sausage shape and cut at an angle with a sharp knife for the spout. To stick on the handle and spout use a fine paintbrush and some water.
5. To create a teacup roll a smaller ball of icing and make an indentation using a ball tipped cake decorating tool.
 7. To create the table cloth roll out the icing and place a silicone lace imprinting sheet on the top. With a rolling pin press down on the top to make the pattern on the icing. Carefully peel back the sheet to reveal the pattern. Cutout a circle using a cookie cutter or use an upturned mug.
8. Build up the top of the cupcake with buttercream and lay the icing table cloth the top. To frill out the edges just use your finger to create folds.
 9. I decorated my teapot and teacup with a fine paintbrush dipped into food colouring to give the impression of a flower pattern.
10. To create the Battenberg cake I cut the icing into long strips squaring off the edges with a knife. You need two yellow strips and two pink strips. Put the strips together to create the checkerboard and wrap the four strips in thinly rolled yellow fondant icing. Finally, cut a piece of the icing to reveal a slice of cake.
11. The plate for the slice cake is just another disc of white icing. Arrange all the pieces on top of the cupcake and when you are happy with the look stick them down with a few dabs of water.
I hope you enjoy reading this post and have a go at making these cupcake toppers yourself. I hope to post some more cupcake recipes soon. Please leave a comment below to let me know how you get on, or if you have any other ideas for vintage style cupcakes.


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