Latest Beauty Buys

Here are my latest beauty buys:
I don’t usually buy expensive beauty products as many of them are not as good as you think and I can’t justify spending anymore than £10 on a product. I really like make-up, but I do find that unless I am going out somewhere special I tend to stick to neutral tones and shades. I have a tried and tested make-up regime and I find it works well for me.
I absolutely love false eyelashes, I find they make such a difference and add a sense of glam to your look. I don’t wear them everyday just when going out or for weddings and parties.
I would definitely recommend them for wedding day make-up, and there are so many styles of lash that you can buy ranging from subtle to very dramatic! My favourite lashes at the moment are Eylure No 118 Kimberley they are very easy to apply and make a difference to your natural lashes without being to much.
To go with the lashes I also love Loreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim in Intense Black. This creates a perfect eyeliner flick on the top of the eyelid and is so easy to apply just like a pen. It has a long tip which allows you to be more accurate rather than using a pencil eye liner. I also bought Loreal Paris Color Riche Eye Shadow in Nude 204. This is a gorgeous gold tone with a shimmer to it and again is easy to apply and last all day.
Another product I cant live without is my blusher. I chose Maybelline Baby Lips Balm and Blush in Innocent Peach which is for both cheeks and lips. It’s a lovely soft peachy pick shade which is lovely for everyday use. If I was going out I would probably add a shimmer bronzer and a deeper pink colour but this is good for work or if you are going for a natural look.
I don’t really use nail varnish much as I find it easily chips and I just don’t seem to have time to redo it. I love having a French manicure every now and again but my nails aren’t very strong so I have to make a conscious effort to grow them. The nail varnish that I do like is Bourjois 1 Second Gel  in Beige its really a gorgeous pinky tone rather than a beige and it has a fan shaped brush which helps to keep the application neat.
For my skin I use Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin in Natural Beige 220. I am really happy with how this blends in and gives a even finish. It does stay put for most of the day and I don’t need to top it up.  
For cleansing my skin I use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I was a bit sceptical about using this at first, but it is really refreshing to use and much nicer than using a cream cleanser to remove make-up. It does remove waterproof mascara but you do need a few applications.
Let me know what you think about these products in the comments section below. What beauty products do you use? What products do you recommend?  Has anyone got any tips for creating a vintage look using particular products?  Get in touch.


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2 thoughts on “Latest Beauty Buys

  1. Those eyelashes look really nice.. I might just have to pick them up! You have such a lovely blog here, keep up your amazing work pretty lady! and we have the same name yaaay x

  2. Thank you for your comment Adele! Yes, love these eyelashes they are really natural but make a big difference. Am so excited that someone has commented on a post. Thanks again for taking the time to comment xx

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