Vintage Children’s Books


I love looking for children's books for my two daughters and being a teacher you'd think I had them all, but there are so many great books out there and I'm currently obsessed with finding the old traditional stories with beautiful illustrations. Luckily, my eldest daughter Lucy absolutely adores books and would quite happily sit and look at books all day. I'm hoping Holly, my 4 month old will also enjoy books like she does.

I have recently bought several Shirley Hughes books as I simply love her illustrations. One of my favourites is called 'When We Went to the Park'. It is a lovely story about a little girl and her granddad and all the things they see on their journey. It is beautifully written and incorporates counting as part of the story. Lucy loves pointing to the pictures. 





I would definitely recommend these books for young children. Simply beautiful. Please leave a comment below.



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